Loft Conversions in London

We are the best specialists in changing your loft space in Merton! We have done all sorts of projects with lofts, from turning them into home cinemas and games dens, to a spare bedroom for the kids or renting on AirBnB. We empty out lofts and rebuild and refurbish them exactly to your requirements and needs! If you have any loft conversion design ideas, then get in touch with us for a free no obligation chat!

Of course we follow all loft conversion regulations and rules and work with architects to make sure all our work is kept in line with current building regulations.

“Why should I convert my loft?”

Many people don’t realise that oft-forgotten space in the top of your house is just another room waiting to be converted into something useful! Why keep it as a storage space when that room could be used to create a new spare bedroom, improve the value of your house and create more floorspace for living in? We can outfit it into a modern space of chrome, light and open space for a relaxation area, dark, comfortable and leathery for a home cinema, nice, cosy and warm for a library and reading area or anything else you can think of!

“How much does a loft conversion cost?”

We’ll be honest here: Loft conversion doesn’t come cheap, but would you want to cheap out on a service that can add thousands to the value of your house? Not to mention the improvement of living of having more floorspace, or the extra income provided for renting out the new spare bedroom! If you have a chat with us and decide on a consultation, then we can give you a loft conversion quote, a bit of information on the benefits of a loft conversion and leave you to make your own decision with no pressure!

“What is the loft conversion timescale?”

A loft conversion with our company normally takes 6-12 weeks but it really depends on the size of your conversion and what you would like to turn it into. This is because we follow all building regulations while doing a loft conversion as well as the health and safety of our workers always being considered. We have also come to find hidden property damage during some of our jobs and these can also delay proceedings, however, we will be in contact with you every step of the way and keep you updated on progress whenever you ask, as well as a weekly update on the work.

"Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?"

You don't need a planning permission for most loft conversions, however, some will require you to get planning permissions, notably if you plan to exceed or alter the roof space in your home past specified limits. We will of course speak to you about what your aims are for your loft conversion and whether you'll need to arrange planning permission beforehand.

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The Loft Conversion services we provide in London

There are other services that we provide customers in the area. We are not just a loft conversion company, but we provide other useful services for your lofts such as loft boarding, loft extensions, loft designs and overall loft conversions.

Loft boarding is an incredibly useful tool that you can use for your Lofts. It is in short, the preparation to a conversion and it would also involve building the foundations for a future conversion if you decide to have one. Having the loft boarded is very important for future loft conversions in that it will help cut a lot of time out of the latter's process, but a loft boarding will also be useful if you would like to use it as a storage area since it builds a stronger foundation. Otherwise a loft boarding can be done without having a conversion in your mind, and all you have to do is contact us if you have any questions or would like any more information on what a loft boarding is and what we can do for you.

Loft extensions are another service that we can provide for you. You may have had your loft converted in the past and now you need to either adjust or edits to it, or would like to make the space bigger for any reason. Even if you just need the roof to be lifted slightly or you need the walls widened to fit more furniture in there, we can do either for you. We can do an extension of any size while being able to keep the design and the original loft design intact without damage or too much adjustment. Head on over to our services section to read a bit more about it!

Loft insulation can be a very importance service that we provide depending on what your needs are and why you would need us to insulate your loft. You may have previously gotten a loft conversion in the past and the loft was not properly insulated, in which case we can do so for you with ease. We can both insulate the loft and make and adjustments or edits to the previous conversion if you would need us to. Another reason you may need an insulation is because you have recently had a boarding or an extension and the room has yet to be insulated. This would be very important to have done as soon as possible, since it could get much more expensive if you decide to wait. We can do an insulation no matter what you already have done, and we will also ensure to do it without an issue to your property.

Loft Design is another service that we can provide customers who are looking for something to be done to their loft. We can design the room and the interior decoration of the loft conversion, while then being able to implement the design that we create. We understand that customers may have an issue being able to design the rooms themselves, which is why we are able to do so for you. We have a creative group of people here who have worked on and designed hundreds of lofts, so their experience and creativity will be extremely helpful to you if you would like to use the help! We would recommend any customer that has not created a design or is not completely aware of what they would like to talk to us and we will be able to walk you through it.

Does our commitment to being green effect our services?

At Merton Loft Conversion, we have a duty as a responsible and trustworthy company to ensure that we comply with any environmental best practices. We also feel that it is our duty to ensure that we are as Green as possible. Our commitment to staying Green means a benefit for both the community at the Merton area, and the benefit for the economy and local businesses of Merton itself.

Part of our responsibility to staying as green as possible means that we locally source all our materials from local suppliers and distributers. When we purchase any raw materials that we may need such as lumber or metal, then we ensure that we purchase only from suppliers who are local to the Merton community. Many times, this will be companies that are in Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Mitcham, Surrey, Croydon, Epsom and more. We also ensure to use local hardware stores for our tools, and usually independent businesses. Just as with our supplier’s needs, we also ensure that the profits we make go back into the local economy via small businesses and charity work.

The simple answer is that they do not, and if they were to effect or impact upon our services it would only be for the better. When boarding lofts for the local customers, using green and renewable materials are a benefit rather than a negative. For the most part, recyclable materials are much sturdier than a lot of lumber that are typically available. But renewable and green materials also not only sturdier but also cleaner. The air quality is overall healthier because the air has more room to travel. It also means that the air itself is healthier, resulting in a longer lasting loft boarding.

The additional benefit to using green materials is the protection of the environment as a whole. When considering an extension, the amount of materials that would be considered waste in the deconstruction process alone is large. When factoring additional materials that would be used to reconstruct the extension, it would be better for the environment as a whole to use renewable or recyclable materials. This would ensure that all materials that are used throughout the process will not count as disposable waste but instead materials than can be distributed to other extensions. When considering all the boarding, conversion and extension jobs that are done day to day, the amount of wasted materials is unfathomable. That is why the dedication to staying green and using renewable materials is a benefit to both the customers and the community of the Merton area.

Finally, the commitment to staying green means that all benefits and proceeds stay within the community to help us prosper together. But when considering that your extensions, boarding’s or conversions are for your future generations, you will feel better and more responsible knowing that you have no only provided additional space and value, but also the overall benefit of improving their quality of lives. The improved air and health qualities that come with Green and renewable resources are impactful for years to come. These minimal differences add up over time to create an environment that is beneficial to future generations and ensures the survival of both the Earth and your property over time.

Boarding’s and extensions require a great amount of materials to be completed efficiently, and without them would mean potentially dangerous consequences. There are only beneficial effects to using Green materials as opposed to materials that could be considered a danger to the environment, and to ensure that we stick behind a strict guideline created by ourselves is the best for all.

If you are looking to have your loft boarding, extension or conversion implemented by a company who is dedicated and focused on staying Green, then you should contact us at Merton Loft Conversion today. We ensure that all services are completed with renewable materials and we can do this in Wimbledon, Wimbledon Chase, Wandsworth, Surrey, Croydon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Morden, New Malden, Sutton, Streatham Common, Balham and many more. So, call us today on 02080501392 or fill out the form on the top right for a free quote!

Different kinds of loft conversions in London

One of the more important things to note for those within areas such as Wimbledon and Wimbledon chase are the different types of loft conversions. There are mansard loft conversions, dormer loft conversions and hip to gable conversions. They all have different advantages and disadvantages which we will go through, and awareness of these differences could help you choose the perfect loft conversion for you. Planning permission is not always granted to homeowners who would like a mansard or dormer loft conversion, so you need to be aware of the different types of loft conversions. If you are rejected for a mansard or a dormer loft conversion at any point, then a smaller dormer conversion or a hip to gable is still always an option as it falls under the Permitted Development act.

Cheap loft conversion options in London

​If you are looking for a cheaper loft conversion option, then you should either look for a loft boarding or a hip to gable loft conversion. A loft boarding means insulation, plumbing and electricals will not be carried out and the loft will not be a suitable living space for most of home owners. It does mean you can store personal items and mementos safely, however. A hip to gable is a loft conversion that will allow you to turn the loft into usable and comfortable living space such as a bedroom, bathroom or even a hobby room. It is also the cheapest loft conversion option available compared to a mansard or dormer loft conversion. However, you can only maximise the potential loft space rather than extend outwards like a dormer or mansard loft conversion would allow you to.

If you are looking to gain as much space as possible within your loft conversion, a dormer loft conversion would be the cheapest. You would not have to spend the same amount when it comes to labour costs or raw materials as there is a lower amount of construction to be completed compared to a mansard conversion. A dormer conversion also means that because the extension itself is in an almost L-shape, you can fit the dormer around the side of your home. This is very useful for those who have homes in locations such as Wimbledon Chase and need the flexibility for the extension. A dormer loft conversion is also a good idea for home owners who need extra living space, but do not need the same amount that mansard conversions provide.

You may even be able to get a hip to gable and dormer conversion simultaneously depending on how your homes loft and roof is designed. If you are looking for a decent amount of additional space within your home, then this may be the most suitable option for you. You would be able to maximise the space within your current loft while also extending your loft somewhat outwards to allow for extra space. This would allow you to complete a combination such as a bedroom and bathroom set, or a hobby and study room. Whatever type of rooms that you would like, a hip to gable and dormer conversion should be able to provide the necessary space and size. This is a loft conversion Merton homes have increasingly begun construction on for the cost-effectiveness and the relatively faster construction length. For a hip to gable and dormer conversion combination, your loft and roof must be of a specific design. If not, then a dormer or a mansard conversion separately would be the best option for you.

One of the more complicated loft conversion Merton borough homes have begun to construct are mansard conversions. A mansard conversion is the best option depending on your home design and if you are looking for the most possible space to add within your loft. The mansard conversion can be the most expensive option, but it could provide up to three rooms worth of space within your conversion. This is incredibly useful for those who have a specific vision in mind, or need to extend their home and cannot do it outwards. A mansard conversion however is costly because of the labour costs, manpower and raw materials necessary to complete safely and efficiently. The raw materials specifically are the costliest factor of the loft conversion.

If you need a hip to gable, dormer or mansard loft conversion in Wimbledon, Wimbledon Chase, Wandsworth, Surrey, Croydon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Morden, New Malden, Sutton, Streatham Common, Balham ​ and surrounding areas of Merton, then contact us here at Merton Loft Conversion! We are the best loft conversion company within the borough of Merton and the surrounding areas too. You can reach us by calling us at 02080501392 or fill out the form on the top for a free, non-obligation call.

How much does a loft conversion cost in Merton?

At Merton Loft Conversion, we have had the pleasure to complete many loft conversion projects within the borough of Merton and the surrounding areas. We have become one of the largest loft conversion companies within the area, and we are known as being professional and reliable. If you own your own home within Merton and the surrounding areas and you have been considering a loft conversion, then you may also be researching how long it would take to complete a loft conversion, and how much a loft conversion may cost to begin with. There are several factors that can affect the cost of a loft conversion within the area of Merton, such as the raw materials that are required to complete your project and the labour hours that are necessary. You also need to consider the fixtures and additions that you would also like to install within your home. The higher the raw materials and labour hours are, the more the project would cost. These are things that should be planned for before the start of the project.

Since we know there are multiple different loft conversion alternatives for you to choose from, we feel it best to give a general average for the cost of loft conversions in Merton and the surrounding areas. We will also provide the specific averages for the different loft conversions in their service pages further down this page. You should not take this average as what your loft conversion would cost however. Due to the number of projects we have completed in the last year, we felt it best to calculate an average based on all projects. The average cost of a loft conversion within Merton is £26,000 from the planning phase to completion of construction.

Realistically, the cost of a loft conversion can vary wildly depending on multiple factors. The overall price range could be anywhere from £15,000 - £55,000 once you have taken into consideration the labour hours required to complete the project and raw materials that are necessary. Smaller factors that are often overlooked such as last-minute changes, traffic issues and even delays that are unexpected and unavoidable. These all play a role in the overall cost of a loft conversion within the area.


How long does a loft conversion take in Merton?

Merton Loft Conversion complete multiple loft conversions at the same time within the borough and surrounding areas monthly. There are several different loft conversion options such as hip to gable loft conversions, mansard loft conversions and dormer loft conversions available to home owners within the area. Since we have been able to work on all alternatives, this has allowed us to become specialized in all facets of loft conversions. This has allowed us to gain a perspective into the average time scale that each loft conversion would take within the borough of Merton.

The factors that can change the overall timescale of a loft conversion project is the overall scope of the project itself, last minute changes that you may decide to make, accessibility issues and even unexpected delays can all impact the overall timescale of a loft conversion. We wanted to provide potential and existing customers with general averages for how long a loft conversion could take within the area to help educate those outside of the industry.

Within the borough of Merton and the surrounding areas, the average loft conversion project would take 6 weeks from the planning phase to the end of construction. This is not specific to certain loft conversion options or to projects in specific, but instead a general average. It could realistically tale 3 – 12 weeks to complete a loft conversion in Merton because of several different factors, and the overall timescale includes larger loft conversions such as dormer and mansard loft conversions. The time it could take to complete your project is also impacted depending on the amount of space that you would like to extend outwards. Likewise, for smaller loft conversions such as a hip to gable loft conversion, it could be completed much sooner.

Dormer loft conversions are considered the middle option between hip to gable loft conversions and mansard loft conversions in Merton due to their size. Dormer loft conversions are larger than hip to gable conversions because of the extension outwards or on the side of your home, while also being smaller than the general mansard loft conversion. They are also versatile in terms of the projects, allowing you to maximise space while still extending an additional room or two. The average dormer loft conversion takes 6 weeks in the borough of Merton, but could take anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks depending on your project specifications.

Mansard loft conversions are the largest conversions in terms of price, time length that it takes to complete and the overall additional space that it provides home owners. They are the largest in scope and size, which contributes to mansard conversions taking the longest to complete overall. The average mansard conversion in the borough of Merton takes 8 weeks to complete, while it could take anywhere from 7 – 12 weeks to complete once you factor in the construction itself. You should also take into consideration how long it may take to apply for planning commission during this phase.

The final loft conversion option available to home owners within the Merton area is the hip to gable loft conversion. They are the smallest in terms of size, since they do not have an outwards extension and rather maximise the space in your current loft. The average hip to gable loft conversion would take 5 weeks in Merton, while it could realistically take anywhere between 3 – 6 weeks to complete depending on your project specifics.

​If you need a hip to gable, dormer or mansard loft conversion in Wimbledon, Wimbledon Chase, Wandsworth, Surrey, Croydon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Morden, New Malden, Sutton, Streatham Common, Balham ​ and surrounding areas of Merton, then contact us here at Merton Loft Conversion! We are the best loft conversion company within the borough of Merton and the surrounding areas too. You can reach us by calling us at 02080501392 or fill out the form on the top for a free, non-obligation call.


What are the loft conversion options available in Merton?

  • Hip to Gable Loft Conversions: Hip to gable loft conversions are relatively inexpensive in the borough of Merton and surrounding areas. Since they do not require the same level of construction that dormer or mansard loft conversions require, there would be less cost and time constraints on the construction itself. This is rather important when considering the lack of extension that a hip to gable requires. The average hip to gable loft conversion within the borough of Merton should cost £19,000 to complete, while realistically it could cost anywhere between £15,000 - £25,000.
  • Dormer Loft Conversions: Dormer loft conversions are the second largest loft conversions that are available to home owners in Merton, and they require additional work compared to a hip to gable loft conversion. Since dormer loft conversions require additional construction work to create the dormer itself, more raw materials and labour costs are necessary to ensure project completion in an efficient and reliable manner. Dormer conversions are also very versatile in Merton, being able to apply the same ability to maximise space as hip to gables to while providing additional rooms. The average dormer loft conversion in Merton should cost £27,500, but realistically can cost anywhere between £20,000 - £35,000 once the specifications are clear.
  • Mansard Loft Conversions: ​The final option available to home owners in the Merton area are mansard loft conversions. They provide the most additional space within your home through extension, and can significantly increase the living space within your loft by 3 – 5 rooms depending on your layout. It also means that it would require more labour hours and raw materials than a dormer loft conversion would, impacting the overall cost for a mansard conversion heavily. The average mansard loft conversion within the borough of Merton and surrounding areas is £35,000. Once the project specifications are clearer, it could realistically cost anywhere between £30,000 - £55,000. This is calculated between the construction costs and any additions or fixtures that you would like added within the loft itself.

​​If you need a hip to gable, dormer or mansard loft conversion in Wimbledon, Wimbledon Chase, Wandsworth, Surrey, Croydon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Morden, New Malden, Sutton, Streatham Common, Balham ​ and surrounding areas of Merton, then contact us here at Merton Loft Conversion! We are the best loft conversion company within the borough of Merton and the surrounding areas too. You can reach us by calling us at 02080501392 or fill out the form on the top for a free, non-obligation call.


You can, however, we strongly recommend against it. Loft conversion is a lengthy, intricate and dangerous job. It can also be incredibly costly if you make a mistake and may require planning permission as mentioned above depending on your requirements.

If you did want to do a DIY loft conversion, then these are the steps you'd have to take:

1.    Check your home can take the extra weight of a conversion: You'll have to work with a surveyor to check the foundations of your house and if they are too weak for the extra weight, then they'll need to be underpinned. This will double your budget before you even begin. When we work on a building, we will use the most weight efficient materials to try and ensure this doesn't become a problem for you.

2.    Check the head height of your roof. If you want to convert your loft without having to obtain planning permission then you will have to fit all your design into your current roof space. If you don't come from a design or architecture background, then your best bet is to hire an interior architect or interior designer.

​3.    Building regulations. Your loft conversion will need to be approved with building regulations whether you need planning permission to change the roof. You will need to have a full design plan to have it approved. If you live in a terraced or semi-detached property, you will also need to speak to your neighbours you share a wall with and inform them of the work being done. We normally take care of all this for you.

​4.    Roof Structure. You will have to change the roof structure to support your needs. This may be done in a variety of ways; each way will be suited to a roof and you will need to find out the best way to support yours while opening as much space as possible for the new room. We will of course do this ourselves when we review the roof and have years of experience doing so, so we'd know whether you need an ashlering or new floor joists.

​5.    Loft Stairs, Insulation, Storage, Windows and Fire Safety. These are all things you will have to consider when designing your space. You will need to use materials that are less flammable than most, the stairwell may be very narrow and will have to be designed to minimise wasted space in the new room, you will have to insulate the space as the regular loft insulation will be removed when the new room is put into place. You of course will want to install windows to give the room natural light, but in doing so you will also lose out on storage space. You could move your storage space to another room in the house, or you could hide the new loft room's storage space in cubbyholes and spaces above alcoves. When you have a consultation with us, we can take care of all of this for you, so you won't have to spend weeks figuring everything out with your new loft conversion.

As you can see, a DIY loft conversion isn't easy! So why not leave it up to us, the experts and take a weight, and a lot of time, off your shoulders? Get in touch with us now on 020 8050 1392 for some free, no obligation loft conversion advice!