Dormer Loft conversions Wimbledon

Dormer Loft Conversion Wimbledon

​Wimbledon is one of the hardest places to approve a loft conversion in the whole of London if you would like a dormer or mansard loft conversion. While it is still more than possible to have your application for a dormer or mansard loft conversion accepted if you are in Wimbledon and I would recommend applying for planning permission if you need to, there are other options. Last week I mentioned about a hip to gable loft conversion in Wimbledon that we completed, and I also spoke briefly about how hip to gable loft conversion are common within Wimbledon because of planning permission restrictions. However, another way to convert your loft while extending your space is by using a dormer loft conversion that does not extend too far outwards.

Dormer loft conversions and planning permission in Wimbledon

​One of the ways we could extend a loft conversion without the need to apply for planning permission was by using a dormer loft conversion. In this specific instance, we ensured that the dormer itself would not extend beyond the ‘Permitted Development Act’, while also constructing the dormer conversion to the side of the home rather than the back of the home. This loft conversion construction also allows a mansard to be possible in the future without having to deconstruct the dormer conversion in the future if necessary. The dormer loft conversion can be considered as an extension because of the amount of space it adds onto your loft, but there are still ways to ensure that you do not require planning permission. If you maximise the amount of space within your loft with the dormer conversion, you can create enough space to make your dream come to life.

With one specific customer, we were required to create a bedroom and bathroom within their loft. Using a dormer conversion that was extended somewhat outwards, we could provide enough space for a double bedroom with the bathroom. Because of the additional space that was provided from the dormer, the project itself instantly became realistic. Since applying for planning permission would require a considerable amount of time and delaying the project, this also became a much more suitable alternative for both us and the home owner. It also meant that we had a bit less restriction upon the construction itself.

The dormer conversion itself

As we could use the converted loft space for the bedroom, we had a large enough space to ensure practical and usable living space. Since the bedroom is the specific room that required most objects and usability, we distributed the items and furniture pre-construction to ensure the home owner would be happy with what was available. The loft conversion itself was also straightforward as we could clearly define what the requirements were with little to no issue. When considering the Wimbledon local authority in relation to planning permission applications, dormer conversions can often be rejected because of the extension amount some home owners request. That is what makes planning and distributing the space before the project begins an important and integral factor with most loft conversions.

With this specific dormer loft conversion, we also took full advantage of the dormer conversions additional space with the bathroom. Since most bathrooms are relatively small, you can often find the perfect appliances or fixtures to ensure that they are housed and fitted correctly. With the use of a bathtub-shower combination and a ceramic toilet and standing sink, we were still able to install and create a standard bathroom within the dormer loft. This was a reasonable target considering the amount of space that is allowed within the PD Act.

If you are to take away one thing from this post, it is that planning permissions do not have to stop your vision from coming to life. There are still many ways to work around space and construction restrictions, and you can still create the room that you would like. If you need a loft conversion in Wimbledon or any other area in Merton, then call Merton Loft Conversion today.  Make sure to check out our Wimbledon Hip to Gable loft conversion post from this week too!

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