Dormer Loft Conversions in Merton

At Merton Loft Conversions, we provide all different types of loft conversion services for our customers and clients within the Merton, Wimbledon Chase, Sutton, Streatham Common, Balham, Epsom, Mitcham, New Malden, Wandsworth, Surrey, Fulham, Morden, Croydon, Wimbledon and other surrounding areas. For those who wish to gain as much space possible with their loft conversion, a mansard loft conversion would be the best possible choice, as it is equivalent to an extension. A hip to gable love conversion would be more suitable for those who live on a semi-detached or detached property, especially to maximise potential space that they may already have. For those who wish to convert their loft and extend their living spaces without necessarily needing to apply for planning permission, this would be the most suitable conversion. This is more relevant if you live in areas such as Wimbledon Chase.

Why choose a dormer loft conversion in London?

A dormer loft conversion is the most suitable conversion if you would like to add a new room within the loft of your home without adding an entire section like a mansard conversion. A dormer conversion can still be an extension in principle, but compared to the mansard conversion, it is understated. A dormer conversion for the most part is an L-shaped loft conversion, with the conversion itself branching outside of the roof. It is a useful way to add an extra amount of space within your loft while carrying out the conversion without creating a large space within the home.

A dormer loft conversion also gives you the opportunity to design and construct a room that is completely your choice without the space restrictions that a hip to gable conversion has. A dormer loft conversion would also be best for those that have a sloped roof, since you may not have the width within the loft itself. If you do not have a sloped roof, or your roof itself is flat, then you should instead consult with us about a mansard conversion, which would look better from the outside of the home and add more space without too high an increase in cost.

A dormer loft conversion can do many things for your home than you may not realise passed the additional living space for the room that you need to add. When you seek out a dormer loft conversion, for the most part you do not need to apply for permission with the council. Dormer loft conversions are classed under the Permitted Development (PD) Law of 2008. However, I would suggest that you do still contact the local authorities or council regarding a dormer loft conversion to ensure you do not run into any unnecessary issues. Another benefit of a dormer loft conversion however is the added property value that comes with the extension. With a hip to gable, you are looking at an increase in your property value automatically. Due to the extension that a dormer loft conversion provides, you can expect a much higher increase within that value!

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How much does a dormer loft conversion cost in London?

Within the London borough of Merton, the average cost of a dormer loft conversion would be £27,500. Once the specifications and scope of your project is calculated, the actual price range for your dormer loft conversion could cost anywhere between £20,000 - £35,000 from planning phase to the completion of the project. Since most dormer loft conversions differ regarding the overall size of the extension itself, as well as the overall construction that needs to be completed, the overall budget can change. This is due to the additional raw materials and labour hours that it would take to complete the project efficiently.  Many of the loft conversions in Merton was completed by Merton Loft Conversion, and we also provide our services in ​Wimbledon Chase, Sutton, Streatham Common, Balham, Epsom, Mitcham, New Malden, Wandsworth, Surrey, Fulham, Morden, Croydon, Wimbledon and more.

How long does a dormer loft conversion take in London?

​The average dormer loft conversion within the London borough of Merton would take 6 weeks to complete. Once the project itself has been planned and the specifications are clear, it could realistically take anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks from the start of construction to completion of the project. Dormer loft conversions often vary in size and scale, meaning that the average dormer loft conversion could take longer or shorter than expected. There is also a lot of versatility and option with dormer loft conversions, meaning that it is only possible after planning is complete to give an accurate timeline for completion. If you are in the Merton area and you are considering a dormer loft conversion, then contact Merton Loft Conversion today. We provide dormer loft conversions for customers in the London borough of Merton and surrounding areas.

Other dormer loft conversions information

The dormer loft conversion also means that the limit is with you in terms of the room and the design. You can realistically extend the dormer as much as you’d like (especially if you want to convert your loft into a mansard instead), and you could even add a balcony with the conversion. In terms of length, you can add a large amount of space with the extension itself, and in terms of the width it really is as wide as your roof is. This is all really dependant on what you would like, but if you have plans for the conversion itself then we can work around it. If not, we are more than able to create the plans with you.

We can also assist you with the design and implementation of the loft conversion itself. Since we know that not everyone is able to communicate the vision they have for their room, and others are not able to be as creative as they may like, we are more than able to assist you with designing the room itself. Since a dormer loft conversion is not as large as a mansard, we are more than able to efficiently and relatively quickly design the room with the vision you have in mind before construction starts.

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