How Do I Know If I Need A Loft Conversion?

While there are many adaptations and changes you can make to your house, how do you know if your house needs a loft conversion as opposed to an extension, garage conversion or conservatory? It can be hard to decide the right thing to do to add space to your home, especially with knowing it would cost thousands to build onto your property and you might not be happy with the decision you’ve made!

While we believe the right decision is always one you’ll have to make yourself, as we specialise in loft conversions, of course we have a biased view on the subject! Here are a few questions that we believe will help you make a decision for whether you need a loft conversion or should opt for a different kind of home extension.

What do you need your loft conversion for?

Usually the biggest factor in your decision will be what you actually need extra space in your house for. Loft conversions really shine when you need a space that will be really lived in as opposed to visiting occasionally. This is why so many people choose to place new bedrooms with en-suites in their conversions for their growing families or to rent out to tenants. Another popular choice is a home office/study, where people can spend their time on work, recording, studying or anything besides!

Loft conversions tend not to be too suited to things such as kitchens or full on bathrooms where you’ll need lots of plumbing or electrical work as leaks will go through the whole house, as well as the extra costs that come with moving drainage systems etc. At the same time, if you have elderly relatives moving in with you, it might not be a good idea to give them a loft conversion as a new bedroom with all the stairs required!

What kind of home will your loft conversion go into?

If your home is in the middle of a terrace then your only options to extend your home may be a loft conversion or conservatory/extension into your garden, this will be an obvious choice for you as a loft conversion is likely to give you much more space! If your property is an end-of-terrace or stand-alone building, then you have many more options available to you!

Generally a loft conversion will be the right choice if it makes more sense to build up rather than out, especially if your community has certain standards or rules for how you can extend your house!

Does your home already have an extension?

Loft conversions usually don’t need planning permission (with the exception of Mansards!), however, this changes if you already have an extension on your home as you will be building more onto the home than is permitted. At the same time, as the example above, if you have elderly relatives moving in with you, it might be a better idea to add a new bedroom from an extension first as opposed to a loft conversion so they don’t have to deal with stairs!

Loft conversions also tend to be quicker and cheaper than building a full-on extension due to the reduced amount of construction work required for the room. If you need a new room as quickly as possible, then a loft conversion would be a better option for you than an extension!

If this post has convinced you that you need a new loft conversion on your home, then feel free to get in touch with us for a conversation about whether we can help you and how! If not, then we wish you the best of luck with any other option you take!

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