Loft conversion costs Wimbledon

How much does a loft conversion cost in Wimbledon?

​While we previously touched upon this subject in our last blog post regarding mansard conversions in Wimbledon, we mentioned that many companies within the area like to raise the prices of loft conversions for home owners because the area itself is affluent. While other companies would not admit this, I have personally seen this happen multiple times and I feel that any good loft conversion company or business in general would make it clear to loyal customers how much they should be paying, rather than how much companies may want to take from you. While it is unfortunate for many residents and home owners within the area to be somewhat taken advantage of because they are regarded as being more affluent, we feel that the best way to help you as a customer is to provide you with a ballpark estimate on what each loft conversion should cost you in Wimbledon.

Cost of a dormer loft conversion Wimbledon

​With dormer loft conversions being the most popular loft conversion in Wimbledon, it would only make sense for this to be the first one we will discuss. Dormer loft conversions are becoming exceedingly popular within Wimbledon because of the difficulty to be accepted for a mansard loft conversion within local authorities. It is also no secret that if you can be efficient and not extend your dormer conversion too far, then planning permission is not necessary for a dormer loft conversion project. A dormer loft conversion within Wimbledon on average should cost £25,000 in our current market, while the price range itself can differ from £20,000 – £35,000 depending on what you need to be completed. This budget is mainly for costing both the labour and raw materials, which are the most expensive part of the dormer loft conversion project. The overall price is also dependent on how much construction is dependent on the project succeeding.

Cost of a hip to gable loft conversion Wimbledon

​The second most popular loft conversions within the Wimbledon area is a hip to gable loft conversion. Hip to gable loft conversions are also becoming the most popular loft conversion within the Wimbledon area specifically due to it falling under the Permitted Development Act, meaning it is not necessary to apply for planning permission within the area. Since some customers in the past have had difficulties being accepted for their loft conversion designs in the past, they turn to hip to gables instead. The average hip to gable loft conversion in Wimbledon should cost £20,000, while the average price range should be anywhere between £16,000 – £30,000. The higher end costs usually involve a large installation or fixture to be installed along with the loft conversion itself. The price is one again dependent on labour costs and the raw materials necessary.

Cost of a mansard loft conversion Wimbledon

​Finally, mansard conversions are the last possible loft conversion option for home owners in Wimbledon. While we touched upon this in our previous post, the average mansard conversion in Wimbledon costs £35,000 – £40,000, while it can range on average anywhere between £25,000 – £50,000 depending on the size of the mansard conversion. Since the homes in Wimbledon are naturally larger than other homes around London, this is partially responsible for the price. The other main factor is the raw materials cost for the mansard conversion being that much larger than other options. However, if you are looking for the largest amount of potential space and an efficient way to raise the property value within your home, a mansard conversion is an effective way to achieve this. The return of investment will far outweigh the cost to complete the project.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you are a home owner within Wimbledon and you are looking for a loft conversion, I would make sure to try and keep these average prices in mind. I would not use them as a suggested price however, since we’ve come to this average based on many projects we have completed in the past. This means the prices varied on multiple factors, including the schematics of the projects themselves. Thank you for reading todays post, and be sure to read the next too!

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