Loft conversions Wimbledon

Loft Conversion Wimbledon

Since we are based in the borough of Merton, we often perform loft conversions in the Merton and surrounding areas. One of those areas is Wimbledon, and as a resident, if you have ever tried to convert your loft then you are aware of how difficult it can be at times. There are many different factors that go into a loft conversion such as boundaries between properties, cost of raw materials, labour and manpower hours and much more. This is more so if you wish to undergo a loft conversion that is of a larger scale, since you would need to apply for planning permission at your local authorities. Unfortunately, these conversions do not get approved 100% of the time due to neighbours’ homes being too close to your property, or other complaints that you may face during a loft conversion. That is why in the Wimbledon area specifically, most customers decide to go for a dormer or hip to gable loft conversion. The overall amount of extension space required is much lower than it would be for a mansard.

Information regarding Loft Conversions in Wimbledon

Hip to gable loft conversions are common for a variety of reasons in Wimbledon. Firstly, the homes themselves are designed so that you can gain a lot of extra living space from the maximisation of available space within the loft itself. Since the average Wimbledon home is unfortunately slanted towards the sides, the loft itself misses out on a lot of space during the conversion. A hip to gable is also much cheaper than the average loft conversion, making it beneficial for those who want to look for a turn of investment further down the line. Finally, with the average hip to gable loft conversion you would not have to apply for planning permission, which is something that stops many Wimbledon home owners from getting their conversion in the first place. These are the average conversion types within the area.

Dormer loft conversions are also quite common, being able to maximise loft space while also extending outwards to add extra space. This is beneficial for many home owners since while they would like to use the space they currently have, they find their designs and plans require extra space that a hip to gable conversion cannot give. This makes dormer loft conversions beneficial over the average mansard conversion. In Wimbledon specifically, you may notice that mansard conversions are not commonly agreed to. You may see a neighbour or two who have had mansard conversions completed on their property, but this is uncommon. The dormer conversion will give you some of that additional space while also being a cost-effective option more likely to be approved within Wimbledon. Because of the flexibility in where you can put the extension itself (it can be placed both on the side or the beck of the home’s roof), this also makes it beneficial with any boundary disputes you may have with neighbours.

Mansard loft conversions in Wimbledon

​The last conversion which is the most uncommon because of the inconsistency in which they are approved within Wimbledon are mansard conversions. As I said earlier, it will not be often you will see mansard conversions approved because of boundary disputes. Since homes within Wimbledon can be dense in certain areas and mansard conversions are considered the same as home extensions (both large and intrusive on boundaries of land), it would be a fight to get the planning permission approved at times. Truthfully, it comes down to what the local authority is willing to agree to. Mansard conversions are being approved within Wimbledon however, and if you are in dire need of a mansard rather than a dormer conversion, then I would always suggest applying for the conversion anyway. It wouldn’t hurt to try and at worst you would have to go with a dormer which would be your only option.

Therefore, it is important to note that if you are in Wimbledon, ensure you apply for planning permissions before drawing any designs or plans for your loft conversion.

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