Loft Extensions in London

Many people when looking to get their loft converted wish to have it as big as possible and enquire about a loft extension, which is something that Merton Loft Conversion comes across often in the areas of Wimbledon, Merton, Epsom and the surrounding areas. What we do here at Merton Loft Conversion is simply turn what lofts you do already have into beautifully designed living spaces. We can make whatever changes you would like us to make.

​Some new and growing families would prefer to add new space to their homes to accommodate since they cannot afford to move houses, and others are just looking for new space to be catered towards any needs or preferences that they have. We make that dream become a reality for you in the least stressful way possible. If you need us to be there from the design and planning, or just need us to decide the structural calculations and constructions, we will ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Benefits of a loft extension in London?

​Those who already have their loft converted also wish for their loft to be extended in size, or by adding another level above the converted loft they already have. As this is something that we have come across multiple times, we have become specialized in adding this as a service to our loft conversion business.

Now something that you will have to remember before considering getting yourself a loft extension is the size of your current loft. You cannot expect to add an entire second home in your loft just because of the sheer size limitations when it comes to a loft extension. But there are many things that can be done to your loft to extend.

There is also the fact that no loft conversion is the same from any other. There will be different sizes, and different wishes depending on who wants their project done. But there are many types of features that we can add for you here, so all you need to do is let us know what your preferences are.

Some people would like to add new features to their home such as an extra bedroom. Turning your loft into a bedroom is something many growing families do to add space into their home without having to move into another property, and it is a very cost-effective way of doing so. We can design and decorate this new bedroom any way you would wish.

Merton Loft Conversion - Loft Extensions Merton
Merton Loft Conversion - Loft Extensions in Merton

​If you already have an idea in mind then that is great! If not, do not be shy to ask us to come up with a design for you! We have many creative people here, and they love a chance to be innovative! We can add features such as skylights or even windows to minimise or maximise the amount of natural light to shine into the room, or add Juliet balconies for improvements. We can add a staircase leading up to the loft if possible, and install furniture and lighting (electrical or otherwise) if that is your desire! Depending on the space, we may even be able to add built-in storage.

Some prefer to convert their loft into games rooms instead. Depending on the size and resources available, we can also add whatever you would like into this room. If you want it to be a video game room set with a home cinema set up, this is entirely possible! If you would like something simpler such as a foosball or air hockey table and a few other games, this is entirely possible as well!

Some would like to turn their loft into an extra bathroom or wet room, and others have even requested that we turn their lodge into a sauna and steam room. Quite frankly, anything you would like us to do to your loft really depends on the size and the resources that you have available. So, if you are looking to extend your home or simply convert your loft in the Merton, Wimbledon, Wimbledon Chase, Sutton, Croydon, Epsom, Mitcham, Streatham Common, Balham, Wandsworth, Surrey, Fulham, Morden, New Malden or the surrounding areas, contact us at Merton Loft Conversion now!