Loft Renovations

One of the many additional loft conversion services we provide here at Merton Loft Conversion is loft renovations. Often, we renovate previously boarded, converted or extended lofts for a variety of reasons, such as wanting a change in the style or design in the room or even to correct the mistakes of previous loft converters. Sadly, we have seen in the past that a loft has been incorrectly serviced and it required a converter to correct before the loft was usable. Luckily, this is not as common as you may believe and it is relatively rare. For the most part, a renovation can include anything from the interior design of the room inside the loft, an extension or even changing the room to something differently completely.

Why renovate my loft in London?

​One of the most popular reasons for us to renovate a loft is a change of mind in what the home owner wants their loft to be. Often when we convert a loft we create the room inside the loft to be a bedroom, and less commonly a home office. For whatever reason, eventually some owners decide that they no longer need an additional bedroom within their home. Instead, they decide that instead of renting out that extra bedroom for rent money they would rather turn it into a room that is more necessary like a second bathroom, a hobby room or some even decide to create a wet room instead of a bedroom. This is entirely up to the homeowner themselves and there should be very few restrictions apart from budget.

It is possible for us to renovate a previous bedroom into any type of room, and there are many examples. In the past, we have turned one customers additional bedroom into a sauna and steam room. We have also done the same for an old bathroom which was even easier because of the plumbing fixtures already being installed. We have also done the opposite by creating a bedroom from a second bathroom. To complete the renovation itself, the difficulty is to install the renovation fixtures such as electrics or plumbing. The renovation itself is relatively simple, and involves the deconstruction or removal of surplus fixtures and furniture within the old room, and installation of the new additions necessary.

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Having a loft renovation is also handy if you need to change your loft rooms purpose so that you do not waste the original investment. Since the majority costs for a loft conversion comes within the boarding and insulation of the loft, you are effectively paying the majority for the ability to use it. Having made that investment without using it day to day will make that same investment unnecessary.

​Investing a little bit extra to effectively utilize your loft conversion into a room that you would want to use is always worth it, especially depending on the type of renovation you decide to get. Certain loft rooms and renovations can increase your property value more than others depending on the area and home itself. If you have a loft within a 4-bedroom home, the additional bedroom may not add as much value as say a home theatre, hobby room, home office or even a wet room.

With a loft renovation, often we must complete one due to previous errors from the company or builder who originally converted the loft. We have renovated previous lofts in the past and have noticed a few things that have been incorrectly placed, installed or finished. In the past, we have seen a loft boarding placed incorrectly and without staggering, meaning that it was just a matter of time before the loft fell through.

We have also had customers complaining about their room being too hot or cold, because the previous converter has left insulation leaks throughout the walls and boarding. Sadly, we have even seen times where loft converters have installed electrical wiring or even plumbing incorrectly, leading to many health and safety and even hygiene issues. These are all easy to solve for us however, and are just one of the benefits of a loft renovation.

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