Mansard Loft conversions Wimbledon

Mansard Loft Conversion Wimbledon

​A mansard loft conversion in Wimbledon can be very tricky to both complete, and get planning permission for. Because of the overall size extension that a mansard loft conversion provides your home, it cannot fall under the ‘Permitted Development Act’ unless you are looking for a small mansard conversion. Especially with the local authority of Wimbledon being relatively fickle about accepting applications for mansard conversions, it would be hard to guarantee that it would be an option for you. However, many mansard loft conversions have been accepted in recent times, and I would not rule it out as a possibility. With the significant increase in size and living space that it would provide both your home and your loft conversion, mansard conversions are becoming increasingly popular for those in and around Wimbledon, and the city of London itself.

Cost of a mansard loft conversion in Wimbledon?

​Within the area of Wimbledon, mansard loft conversions are often the most expensive loft conversion option, while providing the most Return of Investment (ROI). The average mansard conversion in Wimbledon costs £35,000 – £40,000, while it can range realistically anywhere between £25,000 – £50,000 depending on the size of the mansard itself and the amount of manpower and labour hours it would cost to complete it. Unfortunately, there are a few loft conversions and building companies within the vicinity of Wimbledon that intentionally raises the price of loft conversion services due to Wimbledon being a relatively affluent area of London. That is why I cannot stress enough how important it is to get multiple quotes if you live within the area. If you feel that a quote may be too high for your project, then meeting other companies to find out what they could offer you would be a wise move.

A mansard conversion can also take the longest to complete because of the amount of size that is extended. Recently we personally worked on a mansard conversion that took 6 weeks because of a few different factors such as the construction process itself. Anywhere from 5 weeks to 8 weeks would not be unreasonable for the overall timescale of the project to be completed. For large mansard conversions, you would be looking at anywhere between 7 weeks to 10 weeks depending on different requirements or specifics that you may have for your conversion. The length of the project is not necessarily a negative, since you can be assured that the loft itself will be structurally strong. Wimbledon itself also has large houses per square foot, so a mansard conversion would naturally take longer to complete in Wimbledon than most of locations in London.

Other mansard loft conversion information in Wimbledon

​Finally, if you are in the Wimbledon area and you are considering a loft conversion, I would advise you to look at all suitable loft conversions before choosing a mansard, dormer or hip to gable loft. Since they are beneficial to specific property types, you may have your mind set on a dormer when a hip to gable could provide you with the same result, but costing you less time and money. Likewise, you may think that you need a hip to gable loft conversion but realise that the space restrictions are too much for your designs, and a mansard loft conversion is more suitable. These are things that you should go other with the companies that quote you. They have performed loft conversions in the past and if they are knowledgeable, they would be able to guide you the best way.

If you are looking for a loft conversion in Wimbledon, I would recommend coming to us here at Merton Loft Conversion. We have worked in Wimbledon several times before and we are well-versed with the property build types that surround Wimbledon. It is important to work with a loft conversion company that both knows Wimbledon itself, and has much experience within the industry. Either way, I do hope that you enjoyed this blog post, and if you have then please make sure you check out our previous and next posts too!

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